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Shipyard is BWG’s first (and only, so far) game project. It first saw the light of day in August 2013, when I released an early version of the ship editor as a “tech demo.” Since then, I have been developing and expanding it. Though it is still far from complete, it has come a long way since that initial version.

Shipyard is a turn-based strategy game in a science fiction universe. The core mechanic is the ability to build your spaceship from individual systems. Combat revolves around strategically destroying enemy systems to hamper its ability to fight back while you wear down its structural integrity. The world is randomly generated and, though it is thinly populated at the moment, I have plans to fill it with NPC ships and stations, asteroids to mine, planets to explore, and all that good stuff.


You can either download the complete game archive: Shipyard Pre-Alpha 0.8.1

Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can try the new launcher: Shipyard Launcher v2.2 (BETA)

NOTE: As of 22 November 2014, there is a new version of the launcher. If you are using launcher version 2.1 or earlier and you get an error saying “The files received from the server are corrupted,” download the latest version and try again.


Shipyard requires the latest version of Java to run. If you get an error on your first attempt at running the game, try updating your Java first.

If you downloaded the game archive, extract all of the game files to a location of your choosing, then run the file called shipyard.jar to start the game. Running the game this way will not notify you of new game versions.

If you downloaded the launcher, simply open it with Java (double-clicking should work unless you’ve changed your settings manually) and click Download Latest. The Launcher will automatically download and extract the game for you. When that is finished, click Start Game. The launcher checks for updates when you first run it, and will give you the option of downloading the latest version if there is one. Doing so will remove the old game files from your computer, but will leave your saves, screenshots, and blueprints intact.


Interior Editor

Shipyard screen interior view, allowing placement of systems.

Shop Window

Item shop window

Warp Gate Window

Warp gate destination selection window, showing randomly generated galaxy

Ship Overview Window

Ship overview window, showing status of the various systems on the ship

Weapons Editor

Shipyard screen weapons view, allowing placement of weapons on the exterior of the ship

Version History

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